En Ka Grants 2021

En Ka Grants 2021

Since 2000, the En Ka Society has awarded over $1,000,000 in more than 400 grants. We support projects focused on the needs of students and youth, the elderly, the physically and mentally challenged, and non-profit organizations devoted to providing the...

1st Quarter Grants: 2020-21

The Gifts Committee reviewed and the board approved the following grants:  Bread of Life  -- groceries & meals for Winchester senior citizens, low income families & COVID isolating households. Council of Social Concern  -- Food Pantry Program...

1st Quarter Grants:  2019-20

The Gifts Committee reviewed and the board approved the following grants: 

Friends of Winchester Public Library:    Seeking funding to help defray the cost of museum passes made available to the citizens of Winchester.

Parent to Parent:   Seeking funding for the speaker fee for Michael Thompson presentation on 11/12/19

Saltmarsh Terrace Project Committee:   Seeking funds to pay for the new Saltmarsh Terrace project on the Winchester Town Common

“This is Winchester” Video Series:     Requesting funds to pay royalties outside of the free domain for their new Video Series, This is Winchester

Winchester Cooperative Theater:   Seeking funds to purchase ten wireless microphones and a corresponding sounds control system for use during performances

Winchester High School Robotics Club:    Seeking funds to purchase newly required controllers for competing in upcoming annual competitions.

Woburn Council of Social Concern:    Seeking funding for the food pantry program to support the food assistance they provide to needy Winchester residents.

4th Quarter Grants:  2018-19

  • Community School Associates:  Seeking funds for Authorfest to be held on October 16, 2019
  • English at Large:  Seeking funding to support the English language and career support services offered free of charge to immigrants living in Winchester.
  • Greenhouse Club, McCall Middle School:  20 Home Depot knock-out rose bushes to enhance the overall appearance of the greenhouse
  • Northern Suburban YMCA:    Seeking funds for two major programs that is available to Winchester residents and surrounding communities who qualify. The funds are to support Get Summer (Teen Membership) and LIVESTRONG (adults) programs that are available to participants at no cost.
  • The Children’s Room, Arlington, MA:      Seeking funds to cover meal costs for their teen only support group.
  • Winchester Auxiliary Police Assoc:    Requesting funds for updated compliance manikans that provide real time feedback. they are currently unable to teach CPR Classes to the community because they are nit in compliance. The classes taught are free to the community.
  • Winchester High School Library:    Seeking funds for bookends and purchase of a second bar-code scanner
  • Zen Garden Club, Winchester High School:    To create a Zen Garden of Refection, to be enjoyed by WHS students and the Winchester Community. The Zen Garden will create a natural space which would reflect the WPS Beacon of Healthy Balance and Wellness.


3rd Quarter Grants – 2018 / 2 019

  • Winchester Council on Aging:  Requested funds towards a 14 passenger seat handicap accessible van.
  • Post Graduate Program:​  Post Grad Program sought funds for students enrolled in the post grad program to create Perler Beads art to be sold in the store located at the Winchester High School.
  • Winchester Health Department: ​ Winchester Health Department sought funds to purchase 400 waterproof shower tick check cards that will be distributed at the upcoming Health Department events.
  • Winchester Police Explorers Program: Requested funds to purchase radio’s, batteries, safety vest, and first aid supplies for the Winchester Explorer Program at Winchester High School.
  • Winchester Music School: ​ To provide Financial Aid for Music students for the fall, Spring, and summer sessions.
  • Wright-Locke Farm: ​ Wright-Locke Farm requested funds for their Family Farm Night concert series. The funds will help with the costs of professional band.

2nd Quarter Grants – 2018 / 2019

  • Mission of Deeds: Requesting funds to support their Beds Campaign to purchase cribs and beds for children and adults.
  • Parent to Parent: Requesting funds for Julie Morgenstern to speak on February 11th at Winchester High School. Free to the public.
  • Winchester Farmers Market: To sponsor a series of of food preparation and cooking demonstrations two Saturdays a month at the Winchester Farmers Market on the Common. This grant would be to purchase equipment required to have the cooking series.
  • WHS Alumni Association: Seeking funds for a startup WHS Alumni Association to generate awareness, connect, engage and network Winchester High School students, staff and alumni through direct mailing and newsletters.
  • Winchester High School Harvard Model Congress: Requesting funds for competition.
  • Winchester Public Elementary Schools and McCall Middle School: Requesting funds to provide Service Book collection at each elementary school and at the McCall Middle School.
  • Winchester Public Schools’ Literacy Coaches: Requesting funds that will allow classrooms to purchase enough books to support district-wide initiative. Winchester Elementary classrooms are implementing the Lucy Calvin’s units of studying in reading.
  • Winchester Public Schools’ Teacher Institution:  Winchester Public School teachers are requesting funds for professional development for social concerns for students.
  • Winchester Recreation Department:   To cover costs of one of the summer concerts held on the Winchester Common.


1st Quarter Grants — 2018 / 2019

  • Friends of the Winchester Public Library:  The Friends of the Winchester Library wanted help defraying the cost of museum passes (specifically the Children’s Museum of Boston, Boston by Foot, the DeCordova Museum, and the Peabody Essex Museum) available to all Winchester residents.
  • The Patrick Gill Memorial Trauma Symposium:  To provide medical training for first responders. This year’s Symposium is about Management of spinal cord injuries, drowning, and violence in the Emergency Room, among others. Funds requested to be used for this presentation. There will be 300 at attendance.
  • Winchester Integrated Preschool:  Requesting 8 orange Lakeshore Flex-space chairs and 2 sets (6 chairs per pack) of American Plastic Toys Scoop Rocker. To provide flexible seating options to help give students alternative seating options to assist with multiple learning styles and often the need to move or support their bodies during large instructional opportunities for both preschool locations.
  • Winchester Public School Music Department: To purchase choral risers and side rails for Winchester High School and for McCall Middle School We are granting purchasing two choral risers and two side rails.
  • WHS Science Olympiad Team:  Seeking funds for materials and labs to compete in competitions. There are 50 students that participate
  • Woburn Council of Social Concern:   The Woburn Council of Social Concern is requesting funding to support the Food Pantry to provide assistance to financially challenged Winchester Families. 122 Winchester individuals representing 37 households are served.

3rd Quarter Grants – 2016 / 2 017

  • Community Schools Association:   Funds are requested to cover the expected shortfall for Authorfest 2017, which is a community wide enrichment event planned for all Winchester students.  Seventeen authors and illustrators will visits schools and classrooms on April 4th.
  • English at Large (EAL):  In 2016, 38 Winchester learners (from 14 countries) were served by EAL and 15 Winchester residents were tutors.  Nine Winchester residents are on waitlist.  Funds will expand efforts to meet need for English language instruction for immigrants and refugees.
  • Winchester Recreation Department Summer Concerts:  Rec. Department is asking En Ka to be a Summer Concert Sponsor for one concert on the Common.  Over 300 residents typically attend.
  • Wright-Locke Farm:  Funds requested to help cover the cost of booking professional bands and printing promotional materials for Family Farm Nights.  Seven Thursday night concerts, which draw more than 5,000 people from Winchester and neighboring communities.
  • Parent to Parent:  Parent to Parent seeks funds for their upcoming program featuring author Lenore Skenazy on April 5th.  She is the author of Free Range Kids: How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without Going Nuts with Worry).
  • Winchester Historical Society:  Historical Society requests funds to make upgrades to the catering kitchen in the Sanborn House Historical and Cultural Center (new stainless steel storage cabinets and new vinyl safety flooring)

2nd Quarter Grants – 2016 / 2017

  • The Children’s Room — granted funds for an expressive arts-based workshop (digital imagery) and a continuing program for adolescents, ages 13 to 18, who have experienced the loss of a parent or sibling.
  • Winchester League of Women Voters  — granted funds to be used to update the League banner that hangs from the railroad overpass in Winchester Center for two weeks before each of the three 2016/2017 elections.
  • Swim Winchester  — granted funds to be used for Phase 2 (Site Selection and Design) to build an all-season community swimming pool in Winchester. 
  • Winchester High School Choir Department — granted funds to be used towards the registration fees for the three-day National Youth Choir festival at Carnegie Hall in New York.
    • Winchester Housing Authority – Palmer Tenants Association and Westley Tenants Association — granted funds for community room furniture (tables and chairs); purchase of gardening supplies and plants; and tenant outings to museum/theatre performance/parks.
    • Mission of Deeds — granted funds to support the Mission of Deeds Beds Campaign, which provides beds, cribs and bedding to vulnerable families and individuals in need.
    • Stoneham Theatre — granted funds for educational activities and supplies for Stoneham Theatre’s Summer Overture 2017 program for students entering grades 1-3.

    1st Quarter Grants – 2016 / 2017

    • Council of Social Concern —   granted funds for support of the Food Pantry Program’s provision of food to needy residents of Winchester. 
    • Friends of Winchester Public Library —   granted funds to help defray the cost of museum passes to the Children’s Museum, DeCordova Museum, and the Peabody Essex Museum, made available to the citizens of Winchester. 
    • Jenks Center ReJenks Campaign —   granted funds to help finish the room where their Eating Together program is housed.
    • Lights of Love, Chamber of Commerce —   granted funds for the holiday lighting program and wreaths in Winchester Center. 
    • Winchester Committee for A Better Chance (ABC)  —   granted funds for renovations to the ABC living quarters by replacing badly worn wall-to-wall carpeting. 
    • Winchester High School Model United Nations Club —   granted funds to provide for Scholarships to students who wish to attend the Boston and National Model UN conferences but are in financial need and to help cover costs of faculty chaperones.
    • Winchester High School Combat Robotics Club —   granted funds for the entrance fees for one combat robot at the local competition and two at the national competition.
    • Winchester High School Creative Technology Center Leadership Team After School Club —   granted funds for reusable supplies to be used for their end of year showcase.